What’s the meaning of Sombong?

What’s the meaning of Sombong?

proudfull of pride

What is the English word for Kapna?

/ku0101npanu0101/ quake intransitive verb. If you quake, you tremble or shake, usually because you are afraid. I just stood there quaking with fear. shiver intransitive verb, countable noun.

What is Suddha English?

/shuddha/ accurate adjective. Something that is accurate is correct to a detailed level.

Is the meaning of Viksit?

advanced adjective

What is the means of chikna?

sneeze intransitive verb, countable noun.

What is the meaning of Tassen?

Definition of tasse : one of a series of overlapping metal plates in a suit of armor that form a short skirt over the body below the waist u2014 see armor illustration.

What is the English word of Bhadwa?

pimp, pander, procurer, one who lives on the earnings of a prostitute.

What is parvarish known in English?

/paravarisha/ nf. upbringing singular noun. Your upbringing is the way your parents treat you and the things that they teach you when you are growing up.

What is Hindi word Kanjoos in English?

or kanjoos (kxe6nu02c8du0292uu02d0s ) Indian. adjective. 1. stingy; miserly. noun.

What we will call Thummulu in English?

Going by the spelling you provided u201cThummuu201d, the meaning is ‘to sneeze’ in English..

What is the English of Kanpna?

The Urdu Word u06a9u0627u0646u067eu0646u0627 Meaning in English is Shiver. The other similar words are Kanpna, Larazna, Tukray Karna and Choor Choor Kar Dena. The synonyms of Shiver include are Dither, Flutter, Freeze, Palpitate, Quake, Quaver, Quiver, Shudder, Tremor, Twitter, Vibrate, Wave, Be Cold, Have The Quivers and Have The Shakes.

What is the meaning of Kapkapana?

Verb. tremble, shiver, shudder, shake, quake

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