What was Daniel Webster’s deal with the devil?

What was Daniel Webster’s deal with the devil?

After a series of mishaps, he impulsively declares that he would sell his soul to the devil for two cents, and moments later the devil appears, calling himself Mr. Scratch. He appears to offer Jabez a bargain: if he will sell his soul, he will reap seven years of good luck and prosperity.

What happens at the end of The Devil and Daniel Webster?

When the seven years are nearly up, Stone asks noted orator and hero of the common man Daniel Webster (Edward Arnold) to come to his defense. A trial for Stone’s soul ensues before a u201cjury of the damned,u201d which includes such notorious men as Benedict Arnold. In the end, however, Webster is victorious

What is the movie The Devil and Daniel Webster about?

The jury announces its verdict: u201cWe find for the defendant, Jabez Stone.u201d They admit, u201cPerhaps ’tis not strictly in accordance with the evidence, but even the damned may salute the eloquence of Mr. Webster.u201d The judge and jury disappear with the break of dawn.

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