What type of rock is deposited by a glacier?

What type of rock is deposited by a glacier?


What is the material called that is deposited by glaciers called?

Encyclopedic entry. A moraine is material left behind by a moving glacier. This material is usually soil and rock.

What are glacial rock deposits called?

As glaciers move over the land, they pick up sediments and rocks. The mixture of unsorted sediment deposits carried by the glacier is called glacial till. Piles of till deposited along the edges of past glaciers are called moraines.

What type of rocks do glaciers form?

Oddly enough, glacial ice is considered metamorphic rock! The ice in glaciers starts off as individual snowflakes, which are themselves tiny, six-sided crystals of ice. As snowflakes form in a cloud, water molecules grab on to those sides (called facets).

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