What is the purpose of Suicide in the Trenches?

What is the purpose of Suicide in the Trenches?

Theme. War is the theme of ‘Suicide in the Trenches. ‘ The poet focuses on how the horrors of war impact young soldiers, like the man who chose to kill himself rather than spend any more time in the trenches of WWI

What is the overall tone of the poem Suicide in the Trenches?

u201cSuicide in the Trenchesu201d by Siegfried Sassoon conveys the horrors of war and the terrible hypocrisy of its supporters through a dark, grim tone. Sassoon writes this poem from a place of personal experience. He himself was a soldier in the first world war.

How is war presented in the poem Suicide in the Trenches?

The poem exemplifies the sensibility of war poets in x26quot;avoid[ing] sentimentality and self-pity while describing the realities of warx26quot;. It tells of the suicide of a young man sent off to war and attacks the x26quot;’smug-faced’ crowds who greet the returning soldiersx26quot;

Is kindling eye a metaphor?

With kindling eye’ represents the crowd’s eyes lighting up when the soldiers go by. This line is a metaphor; ‘kindling’ represents the starting of a fire, so here represents the light shining in the eyes of the crowd.

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