What is the book Twelve Angry Men about?

What is the book Twelve Angry Men about?

Description. The play explores the deliberations of a jury of a homicide trial, in which a dozen x26quot;men with tiesx26quot; decide the fate of a teenager accused of murdering his abusive father. At the beginning, they are nearly unanimous in concluding the youth is guilty.

What are the main points in 12 Angry Men?

Twelve Angry Men Themes

  • Reflection of American Society. The process of a trial by a jury of one’s peers is often considered to be both a reflection and core practice of American democratic society. …
  • Justice. …
  • Certainty and Doubt. …
  • Stubbornness and Taking a Stand. …
  • Prejudice vs.

How does the book 12 Angry Men end?

After convincing the jury to give a Not Guilty verdict, Juror #8 walks over to #3, his nemesis, and puts his coat on for him. The gesture shows us that despite the extent to which they’ve argued in the jury room, there will be no hard feelings once they head back into the world.

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