What is Kiddions?

What is Kiddions?

r/Kiddions. A subreddit based around the Modest Mod Menu (UNOFFICIAL)Gaming

How long does Kiddions take to update?

For DLC updates (which this isn’t), it usually takes Kiddions 2 weeks or so to post an update. For minor updates (like the one for 1.59) he posted an update in 2 or 3 days.

How do I re open Kiddions menu?

To anyone having the problem where the menu instantly closes when you open it, tap the 0 on NUMPAD a few times and try to open the menu again, that should help.

How do I check my version of GTA 5?

Or you could right click your GTA5.exe, select properties and then open Details tab. You should see version no.

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