What is A and OX3 mean?

What is A and OX3 mean?

alert and oriented

What does A&O x3 mean medical terms?

alert and oriented, times 3

What does A&O mean in medical terminology?

Orientation Levels In certain health assessments, orientation is sometimes referred to as x26quot;alert and orientedx26quot; (AO or Ax26amp;O) or x26quot;awake, alert, and orientedx26quot; (AAO).

What does alert oriented mean?

The phrase u201calert and orientedu201d is one you may have heard in a healthcare setting. It refers to a description of one’s level of awareness of reality at that moment. Orientation can be described as being aware of person, place, time, and sometimes situation.

What does A and O mean in medical terms?

alert and oriented

What does OX3 stand for?

AcronymDefinitionOX3Oriented Times Three

What does A & Ox 4 mean?

Ax26amp;Ox4 (also AAOx4 u2013 awake,alert and oriented) refers to someone who is alert and oriented to person,place, time and event. Does the person being evaluated understand who they are, where they are, approximate date or part of the day, and what is happening?

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