What does it mean to PMO with someone?

What does it mean to PMO with someone?

Here’s what you need to know. The acronym x26quot;PMOx26quot; stands for x26quot;put me onx26quot; according to Urban Dictionary. Put me on is another way of saying x26quot;hook me upx26quot; or x26quot;link me upx26quot; with someone. someone might use PMO when they want someone to follow them on social media.

What does Pyo mean in txt?

PMO can stand for x26quot;Put Me On.x26quot; x26quot;Put Me Onx26quot; is a casual phrase for introducing a person to someone (or something). It carries the same meaning on other social media platforms as well, like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

What does PMO mean on SC?

acronym for x26quot;pee my pantsx26quot;. Used as a response to something so funny that it might cause one to urinate in one’s pants. That’s PMP.

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