What are the hex colors for the lesbian flag?

What are the hex colors for the lesbian flag?

HexRGB#d62e02(214,46,2)#fd9855(253,152,85)#ffffff(255,255,255)#d161a2(209,97,162)1 more row

How do lesbians get their colors?

How to Make Pride Flag Cookies This Pride Month

  • Pink: Sex.
  • Red: Life.
  • Orange: Healing.
  • Yellow: Sunlight.
  • Green: Nature.
  • Turquoise: Magic.
  • Blue: Serenity.
  • Purple: Spirit.
  • What are the exact colors of the pride flag?

    NameLGBT Pride flagUseSymbol of the LGBT communityAdopted1978DesignStriped flag, typically six colors (from top to bottom): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.Designed byGilbert Baker3 more rows

    What are the hex codes for the Pan flag?

    HexRGB#ff218e(255,33,142)#fcd800(252,216,0)#0194fc(1,148,252)#0194fc(1,148,252)1 more row

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