What are some discussion questions for The Crucible?

What are some discussion questions for The Crucible?

The Crucible Discussion Questions

  • What is the state of the community at the beginning of the play, as the play progresses and at the end of the play?
  • What elements existed or were created within the community to allow Abigail and the other girls to gain power?
  • What role did fear play in creating authority?

What is the message of Act 1 of The Crucible?

What is the message of Act 1 of The Crucible
Read back over the following quotes, and using context clues, rewrite the phrases in modern language (same meaning, but in a way that is more understandable to us). There be no blush about my name (10). I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you (13). I have eleven children, and I am twenty-six times a grandma, and I have seen them all through their silly season, and when it come on them they will run the devil bowlegged keeping up with their mischief (16).

In Act I, Scene 1, Miller sets the stage for The Crucible by introducing the four most important themes: deception, possession, greed, and the quest for power. The x26quot;unseenx26quot; scene in the woods, which takes place before the action of the play, figuratively sets the stage.

How does Tituba defend herself in Act 1?

How does Tituba defend herself? She has no rights because she is a slave, so if she confesses to making the charm she will be accused of witchcraft, but if she doesn’t confess to making the charm she will be whipped. However, since she confessed to being a witch and she shouted random names, she is safe.

How is hysteria shown in The Crucible Act 1?

One clear example of mass hysteria within The Crucible, is in act one when Abigail reacts to Reverend Hale questioning her about conjuring a spirit onto Betty, she then proceeds to utilize Tituba as a scapegoat for her own safety.

What are some topics in The Crucible?


  • Intolerance. The Crucible is set in a theocratic society, in which the church and the state are one, and the religion is a strict, austere form of Protestantism known as Puritanism.
  • Hysteria.
  • Reputation.
  • Goodness.
  • Judgment.
  • Social Status.
  • Ownership and Property.
  • Justice.

What is the main problem in The Crucible?

The major external conflict is John Proctor trying to save his wife from being hanged by the town officials for supposedly being a witch. The major internal conflict is John trying to decide between saving himself and family from being hanged, or accept the death penalty for false accusations against him.

What is the most important message of The Crucible?

The play was originally written as a direct criticism of McCarthyism, the practice of making accusations without proper regard for evidence. Therefore, the main idea of the play is to encourage people to remain calm during crisis situations and to not jump to the worst conclusions

Why was The Crucible a controversial play?

Critics see the piece as a polemic against the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s. The play premiered on January 22, 1953, as Senator Joseph McCarthy was accusing actors, composers, academics, military officers, union leaders, writers, and, most notably, political colleagues of being communists.

What is the message or theme of The Crucible?

In The Crucible, the idea of goodness is a major theme. Almost every character is concerned with the concept of goodness because their religion teaches them that the most important thing in life is how they will be judged by God after they die.

What is the main point of The Crucible?

Inspired by the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s, Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, focuses on the inconsistencies of the Salem witch trials and the extreme behavior that can result from dark desires and hidden agendas.

What do the adults argue about in The Crucible Act 1?

Putnam and Proctor argue over the proper ownership of a piece of timberland where Proctor harvests his lumber.

What major events happened in Act 1 of The Crucible?

What major events happened in Act 1 of The Crucible

Act 1

  • Reverend Parris saw all the girls in the forest dancing naked and his servant Tituba.
  • Abigail makes the girls swear to never tell the truth.
  • Abigail tells Hale that Tituba was with the devil.
  • Marry Warren is now an official of the court.
  • Elizabeth prompts John to reveal Abigail is not telling the truth.

What did Tituba do Act 1?

To demonstrate, in Act One of The Crucible, Tituba, a Barbados slave to Reverend Parris, was falsely accused of leading the girls of the play in witchcraft, but deliberately defended herself by stating that u201cI do believe somebody else be witchin these childrenu201d(Pg. 42, Miller).

Who did Tituba accuse of witchcraft in Act 1?


What does Tituba do when she is accused?

Tituba did confessu2014and embellished her confession with an embroidered tale of how she had been told to serve the devil. She and the girls rode on sticks, she confessed, and a black dog told her to hurt the children. This was enough to spark hysteria in Salem.

What makes Tituba an easy target?

Tituba is an easy target because she is very caring and devoted to the Parris family so she would not speak ill of the family.

What is the hysteria in Act 1 of The Crucible?

Hysteria is the cause for the growth in the conflict in Salem and causes it to affect the whole town. In Act One, Abigail’s fear of having her name ruined causes her to pretend to know who in the town are witches which she then proceeds to make false accusations.

Who caused the hysteria in Act 1 of The Crucible?

This started up the accusations of the Salem Witch Trials. In the Crucible by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams is to blame for the mass hysteria in Salem because she wants to be with John Proctor, she tries to kill Elizabeth, and she tries to save her name.

How does Abigail create hysteria in Act 1?

Abigail is responsible for the witchcraft hysteria because she blamed other people for her actions and had an affair.

How does The Crucible show hysteria?

In The Crucible, neighbors suddenly turn on each other and accuse people they’ve known for years of practicing witchcraft and devil-worship. The town of Salem falls into mass hysteria, a condition in which community-wide fear overwhelms logic and individual thought and ends up justifying its own existence.

What is the main message of The Crucible?

The play was originally written as a direct criticism of McCarthyism, the practice of making accusations without proper regard for evidence. Therefore, the main idea of the play is to encourage people to remain calm during crisis situations and to not jump to the worst conclusions

What are the three main conflicts in The Crucible?

Lesson Summary The Crucible portrays external conflicts between John Proctor and his wife, Proctor and Abigail, and Proctor and the court. Proctor’s internal conflicts, revolving around morality, are also important to the story line and the plot of this play.

What is the initial problem in The Crucible?

What is the initial problem in The Crucible
Find three pieces of evidence to show how Tituba is shown to be an outsider from the very start of the play. Already, we see that Salem is a town full of conflicts. Identify 3 examples of individuals/groups in conflict in scene one and provide quotations. The audience are introduced to Abigail Williams in scene one. She does not behave like a typical girl of her age and society. Name three ways in which this is shown to be true. b) Are there any reasons to feel sympathy for Abigail By the end of the scene, the main players could choose to put an end to proceedings. It is this choice that allows the drama to escalate. Identify the course of action available to each and comment on why you think they don’t take it. (Abigail, Putnam, Parris and The Girls) Miller shows how quickly lies and gossip can corrupt people. Provide three quotations to show that this is happening already in Salem.

Elizabeth Proctor is accused of witchcraft by Abigail Williams because Abigail wants to marry Elizabeth’s husband, John, with whom she had an affair while serving in the Proctor household.

What is the main external conflict in The Crucible?

One external conflict in the play is the argument between Mary Warren and John Proctor. Even though John ordered Mary not to go to Salem, she defied him and went anyway.

Who has the most conflict in The Crucible?

Abigail Williams and John Proctor Abigail has conflicts with many characters, but her biggest is with John Proctor.

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