La diferencia entre “Notable” y “Notable”

La diferencia entre “Notable” y “Notable”

“Notable” y “perceptible” son fáciles de confundir porque ambos describen algo que se destaca. Sin embargo, existe una clara diferencia entre “notable” y “perceptible”.

Notable. “Notable” significa “digno de comentario”, “notable” o “distinguido”. Un “notable” es “una persona de notoriedad o importancia”. Por ejemplo:

  • There were two notable guests at the party. ✔️
  • He made several notable points in his speech. ✔️
  • I was a notable in the banking sector, but I’ve retired. ✔️

Noticeable. “Perceptible” significa “detectable” (es decir, capaz de ser visto o notado). Por ejemplo:

  • Is the coffee stain noticeable? ✔️


El adjetivo “notable” significa “digno de comentario”, “digno de distinción”, “célebre”, “ampliamente conocido” o “estimado”. Como sustantivo, puede significar “una persona destacada”.

Ejemplos de oraciones con “notable”:

  • The award is for the volunteer who has made the most notable contribution to the development of netball at a local level. ✔️
  • I would like to discuss some notable omissions from the text I gave you. ✔️
  • Be respectful. He is a very notable fellow. ✔️
  • There will be several notables present. ✔️
    (Here, “notable” is a noun (in its plural form).)


El adjetivo notable significa detectable (es decir, suficiente para ser visto o notado).

Ejemplos de oraciones con “notable”:

  • The blue sheen in your hair is hardly noticeable. ✔️
  • The difference in processing speed is quite noticeable. ✔️

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