How do you use present continuous for the future?

How do you use present continuous for the future?

Present continuous for future arrangements

  • I’m meeting Jim at the airport Jim and I have discussed this.
  • I am leaving tomorrow. I’ve already bought my train ticket.
  • We’re having a staff meeting next Monday all members of staff have been told about it.
  • Will going to present continuous for the future?

    We don’t use the present continuous when we predict something. Instead, we use going to or will: It’s going to rain again soon.

    What is present continuous tense with examples?

    The present continuous verb tense indicates that an action or condition is happening now, frequently, and may continue into the future. Aunt Christine is warming up the car while Scott looks for his new leather coat. They are eating at Scott’s favorite restaurant today, Polly’s Pancake Diner.

    What is the difference between present continuous and going to for future?

    Going to’ modifies other verbs to make them future tense. When talking about future events, a present continuous emphasizes the events while ‘going to’ is more about the decision to make those evens happen

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