How do you solve quantum numbers problems?

How do you solve quantum numbers problems?

n x3d 6 tells us that the shell number will be 6. u2113 x3d 0 tells us that it will be the ‘s’ subshell. The orbital designation is 6s.

Which subshell is described by the quantum numbers n 6 l 0 and ML 0?

A For a 2p orbital, we know that n x3d 2, l x3d n u2212 1 x3d 1, and ml x3d u2212l, (u2212l +1),u2026, (l u2212 1), l. There are only three possible combinations of (n, l, ml): (2, 1, 1), (2, 1, 0), and (2, 1, u22121)

What are the possible quantum numbers n l ml ms for each electron in 2p orbitals?

n x3d 3, u2113 x3d2 orbitals n x3d 4, u2113 x3d 2, mu2113 x3d 2 orbitals.

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